Real change starts from within.

It’s always been our goal to cultivate and celebrate diversity in our stores, the communities where we work and all levels of our organization. We’ve not been perfect and we haven’t done enough. We realize there’s much more we can and must do to help dismantle systemic racism and inequality in all forms.

What does this look like?

To start, we’re investing $1 million to expand and strengthen our Diversity and Inclusion Program here at Aritzia. We're actively creating a new normal and we’re holding ourselves accountable to it.

To date, we’ve taken the following actions:

  • Established an Executive Diversity and Inclusion Committee led by Jennifer Wong, our President and COO.
  • Publicly expressed our support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and our commitment to creating positive change and being part of the solution.
  • Donated $100,000 to Black Lives Matter and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), in honour of George Floyd and so many others who have lost their lives to, or been impacted by, racism and discrimination.
  • Implemented mandatory training and education on systemic racism, racial inequality and social injustice. Courses are required for all current and future members of our team. The education covers conscious and unconscious bias, micro-aggressions, stereotypes, inclusive language, privilege, effective ally-ship and more. Ensuring all of our people are aware, and behaving with empathy and sensitivity is critical.
  • Launched an ongoing partnership with Stonewall Community Foundation to help make Aritzia more inclusive for everyone. We made a promise to champion equity, diversity and inclusion — as part of this commitment we’re strengthening our ally-ship to the LGBTQIA2S+ community.
  • Conducted a company-wide Diversity and Inclusion Survey that invited our employees to provide their thoughts and anonymous feedback, to help us gain a deeper understanding of their experiences and feelings in this space.
  • Provided more resources through our internal channels to inform and better educate our employees.
  • Hired dedicated diversity and inclusion experts.
  • Extended our initial offering of more sizes in Spring/Summer ‘20 to our Fall/Winter ‘20 collection.
  • Closed all of our US boutiques on Friday, August 28, in support of Jacob Blake and racial equality, and to support our people in joining the demand for justice.
  • Became the founding sponsor of the first CJF-CBC RADIO-CANADA Black Women’s Journalism Fellowship. This fellowship aims to give rise to Black voices and stories and cultivate Black female leaders and content creators in Canadian media by providing a paid mentorship career opportunity for a young female journalist to work in a CBC newsroom for 6 months.

We’re just beginning and know we have a lot of work ahead of us. We’re ready and committed.

A few things we continue to work on are:

  • Evaluating every aspect of our business to ensure we‘re inclusive, diverse and representative of the communities where we work — from entry-level positions to executive-level positions. Aritzia should always be a place where all people, no matter their colour, creed, race, age or sexual orientation can enjoy successful careers.
  • Bringing together BIPOC and other underrepresented voices across all levels of our company, to provide first-hand perspectives and advice — in order to gain a deeper understanding of how we can improve.
  • Adding more styles and sizing options to ensure that our brands are shoppable for a more diverse range of body types.
  • Creating our Diversity and Inclusion strategy, goals and roadmaps, to ensure that we continue to grow and evolve in this space.

We’re so grateful for our community, and we’re inspired by your fierce determination and drive to create a more just society where we’re all held accountable. We want to keep these conversations going please reach out at any time through