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Women's Skirts

Mini skirts became super popular in the 60s — in fact, that’s when the term mini skirt was coined. Now, you can get a mini skirt in pretty much every colour and fabric. The denim mini skirt is a take on blue jeans, and usually has five pocket styling and a zipper fly. Above the ankle and below the knee — that’s where your midi skirt should hit. Consider the midi skirt to be the more modest cousin of the mini skirt, although it didn’t start out that way. The midi skirt was downright scandalous in the 1920s, in that post-war Coco Chanel era. A floral midi skirt is the perfect summertime accessory (that and an iced coffee). A pleated skirt — feminine, ballerina-esque and surprisingly comfortable. Pleats are small, repeating folds, think accordion style. Pleated skirts have allow for lots of movement because the folds unfold if you move. A pleated mini skirt is a cute way to get the mini look without it being too tight. A pleated midi skirt is long enough that it won’t restrict your movement but short enough that it won’t get in the way. A long pleated skirt really makes a statement.