Respect our people. Protect our planet.
Create lasting change together.

Respect our people.
Protect our planet.
Create lasting change together.

At Aritzia, we’re dedicated to conducting business in a way that reflects who we are and what we believe. We know our long-term success depends on our commitment to act responsibly and sustainably. And we know the decisions we make today will impact the choices we have tomorrow. That's why corporate responsibility plays a role in every facet of our business.

Our Philosophy

Two deeply held values underpin all our dealings with our people, our partners, our clients and our communities.
First, we're committed to upholding human rights in our operations and those of our partners.
Second, we're committed to reducing environmental impacts known to contribute to climate change.

We believe our principle of collaboration is the key to achieving both these aims. We're committed to working closely and transparently with peers and stakeholders to support lasting change across our industry — because we recognize that we can’t change the world all by ourselves.

We continuously look for opportunities for improvement in our own actions and decisions, in our partners' organizations and in the communities where we live and work. We are proud to have joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a multi-stakeholder group that works collaboratively to address some of the industry's most challenging sustainability issues.


One of our exclusive brands, Community focuses on the use of sustainable materials. These laid-back styles are made with materials like organic cotton and TENCEL® lyocell — a wood-based fibre produced through an environmentally friendly process. As an extension of Aritzia’s commitment to the Better Cotton Initiative, Community offers several styles which use Better Cotton.

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