Smooth, supple and softer than you thought possible. Vegan Leather forever.

How to Care for Vegan Leather

Machine Washable Styles
  • 1. Check the care label for style-specific instructions.
  • 2. Wash separately in cold water to avoid colour transfer — and steer clear of bleach.
  • 3. Dry on a flat surface as opposed to hanging.
  • 4. To avoid colour transfer, don’t store light-coloured Vegan Leather with dark-coloured garments, and vice versa.
  • 5. We recommend hanging your Vegan Leather between wears. But avoid clip hangers — they tend to leave imprints.
Use Cold Water Washing with cold water is not only gentler on your clothes, but it can also save up to 90% of the energy normally used to heat the water.
Wash It Less Each load of laundry uses approximately 18 gallons of water — and a bunch of effort. Save yourself the time and resources by washing less. Or try a gentle cycle — it can help reduce microfibre shedding by about 70%.
Choose Mild Detergent This will minimize any chemicals entering the waterways.
Vegan Leather Care Guide
Buttery Soft Feel it to believe it.
Authentic Look and Feel Crafted to look and feel like the real thing, with an authentic drape and soft sheen.
It’s Actually Comfortable A soft interior and touch of stretch lets you move easily and comfortably.
Easy Care It’s machine washable. It’s that simple.