Warmth Ratings Designed in Canada. We know cold. All of our puffers and parkas have been lab-tested to withstand the elements down to -40°C / -40°F. Warmth Rating
Warmish Down to 0°C / 32°F Shop Now
Warm Down to -10°C / 14°F Shop Now
Warmer Down to -20°C / -4°F Shop Now
Warmest Down to -30°C / -22°F Shop Now
Extreme Warm Down to -40°C / -40°F Shop Now
CLIMATE LAB CERTIFIED Warm Science of our Puffers
Worlds Warmest
World’s Warmest We use goose down because it's the world's very best insulator. Geese produce larger down clusters than ducks, resulting in loftier, longer-lasting down that keeps you warmer and feels luxurious.
700 Fill Power
700+ Fill Power Fill power is more than a measure of fluffiness, it also informs the insulating value of the down. At 700+ fill power, our goose down offers superior warmth with less weight.
Weatherproof Fabrics Our premium fabrics are sourced from the best performance mills around the world — including Japan, Italy and France.
Weatherproof Fabric
Waterproof Fabric Fully waterproof fabric does just what you’d expect from our best level or protection — keeps you dry in a downpour.
Water Repellent
Water Repellent A level-up from resistant, this fabric is hydrophobic. In other words, it keeps you dry by repelling water.
Windproof Fabric
Wind-Resistant Fabric Keeps the chill at bay on those “light breeze” days.
Wind-resistant Fabric
Windproof Fabric What wind? Our windproof fabric keeps the cold air out and the warm air in..

Climate Lab

Warmth without Limits Aritzia’s innovative design lab of outerwear experts.

What is
Climate Lab?

Our dedicated team of outerwear experts fixate on the details — researching, testing and refining through ever-better iterations in order to bring our beautifully functional, advanced-performance quality puffers and parkas to life.

Some call it obsession. We call it Climate Lab.
Climate Lab Performance Standard

The new performance standard.

We consider, reconsider and test every design, optimizing for warmth, function and style. Everything from our fabrics to our zippers has been carefully considered.
Warmth without Limits

Designed in Canada

We know cold. Our experience-based knowledge of harsh climates informs every design we make. Our Climate Lab experts understand The Great Out There. They’ll equip you for it.
Puffers made with sustainable practices.
Feel warm in fuzzy in more ways than one.
Responsible Down
Responsible Down 100% of our goose down is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified.

Our down is biodegradable, renewable and recyclable, and it lasts for decades. Every step of the supply chain, down to the farm, has been inspected by an accredited independent certification body that upholds the RDS's strict requirements.
PrimaLoft®️ The world's best down alternative. This innovative insulation is specially engineered to deliver lightweight warmth with less bulk. Made with recycled materials.
PrimaLoft®️ Gold Insulation Luxe™️ Bio
PrimaLoft®️ Gold Insulation Luxe™️ Bio This innovative down alternative is made with 100% recycled materials and provides the same weightless warmth as down.
Technical Features Performance-driven details engineered with your daily to-dos in mind.
Downproof Construction
Downproof Construction
Downproof Construction Down loss occurs naturally. However, we take extra precaution to minimize leakage through interior down bags, special stitching techniques and the use of downproof shell fabrics.
Removable Hood
Removable Hood
Removable Hood Added warmth and protection when you need it, removable for when you don’t.
Merino Wool-Blend Cuffs
Merino Wool-Blend Cuffs
Merino Wool-Blend Cuffs Storm cuffs knit with merino wool add ultra-soft, cozy warmth while keeping cold air out.
Seam Sealed
Seam Sealed
Seam Sealed Taped seams make our seam-sealed garments fully waterproof. Think high and dry, in the best way.
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