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Lightweight Puffer Jackets for Women

Say hi to our collection of lightweight puffer jackets — the outdoor essential that does layer duty when it’s extra cold and just enough when it’s brisk. Lightweight puffer jackets are built to keep you sealed and insulated, even when you’re on the go. They’re a transitional weather staple, there for you when fall starts getting winter-y and when winter starts getting spring-y. And in the cold, cruel month of January, lightweight puffer coats are on standby to keep you extra bundled — just layer one under a slightly-less-lightweight puffer or parka, add a hat into the mix and head out there into the cold. Our lightweight puffer jackets are designed to ensure you’re able to do your hiking/biking/walking/skiing thing, no matter the weather. We have packable lightweight puffers, long lightweight puffers, goose down options and vegan options. Everything you need to level up your winter. No need to get cold this year. Shop lightweight puffers.