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Women's Rectangle Scarves

Rectangle scarves are a serious wardrobe must-have. If you could only have one scarf, it would have to be a rectangle scarf (but we fully endorse having more than one). A cashmere scarf is going to be the most luxurious of the rectangle scarf family, and probably the warmest. If you want to feel the softness of cashmere anywhere, it’s around your neck. It’s like the softest, warmest hug you could ever imagine. If you can’t make cashmere happen, any other knitted scarf will be amazing. Our Classic Wool Scarf from Wilfred is a timeless option and makes a great gift under $100 for all the ladies in your life. Rectangle scarves sometimes come with fringe at the end, like the Classic Wool Scarf, and some have a clean edge, like the Maine Cashmere Scarf. If you’re looking for a new scarf, we recommend adding a(nother) rectangle scarf to your winter arsenal.