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Discover the essentials anew. Refined fits, sought-after fabrics and details you didn’t see coming. It’s all here in the Spring 22 collection.

The rest is up to you.
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Discover how exceptional design and detail unlocks a door. To a gallery of finely crafted possibilities. Discover yourself, all over again, in Everyday Luxury.
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The World’s
Finest Fabrics

From fibre to finished material, we source only the best. Partnering with premier mills in Japan, Italy and France, we handpick fabrics for their feel, function and ability to last. Exceptional textiles are our forte — the key to creating garments that look and feel right from day 1 to forever.
World's Finest Fabrics

A Focus on

We obsess over proportion, fit, and that just-right silhouette to create wardrobe essentials you’ll reach for again, and again, and again. The perfectly tailored feeling without going to a tailor. The styles so natural they feel like part of you. The pieces you’ll live in and let live. It’s all here for you to run with.
World's Finest Fabrics

with Craft

It’s hand-painted prints, studied and perfected necklines, the art of pocket placement. It’s one-of-a-kind dyes, washes and treatments. It’s our innovative design studio, considering and reconsidering each detail. If it isn’t just right, it isn’t here.
World's Finest Fabrics

A Bright

Clothes should last. Ours do. Using resource-efficient materials and processes — think recycled fabrics, organic fibres, digital printing and responsible forestry — we ensure our (re)lationship with the planet stays strong.
World's Finest Fabrics DISCOVER

The Importance
of Community

We’re guided by an equation — WomenWomen — and are committed to supporting organizations that support mental wellness and help women and girls succeed at work and in life. We do this through 3 pillars of impact: poverty alleviation, mentorship and job readiness. Learn More