Wool Coats Heirloom-quality coats crafted with virgin wool, cashmere, recycled camel hair and other fine fabrics from Italy. Congratulations.
About the Styles Meet the expertly tailored silhouettes guaranteed to elevate any outfit.
About the Fabrics We hand-select our fabrics for their feel, function and ability to last. Most come from premier mills in Italy, where they really know their stuff.
Warmth Ratings All our coats are warmth certified — with temperature guidelines included — to help you choose the right coat for your climate/personal thermostat.
The Construction We meticulously handcraft our coats to balance style with functionality. Even the invisible details, like our vegan chamois interlinings, have been pored over until they’re perfect.
Wool Coats Construction A
Wool Coats Construction B
Wear Over Anything You could wear a wool coat over literally anything and it would look amazing. Still, here are some styling ideas.