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This is Sweatfleece. And it’s the world’s best. Wear-everyday styles crafted in endless colours and time-perfected fits. Sourced from the best, designed by the best and worn by the best — you.

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Sweatshirts 20 styles
Sweatpants 18 styles
Sweatshorts 12 styles
Sweatfleece Fabric

All this season’s styles are crafted with Cozy Fleece — premium, midweight fleece hand-selected for its ability to last because, Sweatfleece forever.

330 GSM
330 GSM

Fleece is measured in grams per square metre. The higher the GSM, the denser and more structured the fabric. The lower, the lighter and airier. Cozy Fleece weighs 330 GSM — the sweet spot.

Soft Fabric
The World’s Softest

Our Cozy Fleece is famous for its soft-brushed back, sueded face and cloud-nine plush feel. If only touch screen allowed for touching.

So yes, Sweatfleece really is the best. But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs too.
Comfiest sweater ever! I want this sweater in every colour… I’m obsessed!! Love how massive the hood is, makes being on a plane a little more bearable.
—Maeve D
Cozzzzzy Exactly what I was hoping for. Soft, thick and cozy!
—Rosa F
The best! Love this sweater for ALL occasions…. I truly do get my money’s worth out of these crews & they stand the test of time! Love! Love! Love!
Best sweatpants ever They are so cozy and I’ve worn them for a week straight. They also work for sleeping and walking around in the day.
—Charlotte S
The perfect hoodie This hoodie checks all of the boxes. It fits as a hoodie should — slightly oversized but not too long, and it still fits under a jean jacket. The colour options are amazing (I have a few). The outer fabric is smooth and the hoodie’s well made, and inside is the perfect cozy fleece that holds up well beyond the first wash. A+.
—Jane M
Never taking them off Super comfy, second pair because I love them so much.
—Camille G
Everyone and their influencer friend is wearing Sweatfleece. Add yourself to the mix.
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