7 Days of The Effortless Pant™ with Sophia Roe

The Copenhagen stylist takes on our original goes-with-everything trouser and all its iterations Monday through Sunday.
Monday’s for the Original Sophia starts the week with the pant that started it all. “I wanted to create something super effortless. An oversized blazer with trousers definitely gives that look.”
Tuesday’s for a Scenic Change Sophia values versatility in a forever piece like The Effortless Pant™. “This is the perfect way to wear two looks in one. I can take off my blazer and have a more casual style.”
“Fashion is very connected to feelings, just like art, music, culture, food. Use your senses and trust your instinct.”
SP 24 Effortless Pants Section Break 1
Wednesday’s for a Hint of Spring Sophia breaks ground in an even wider-leg version of The Effortless Pant™. “All white is very fresh for the new season.”
Thursday’s for Minimalism Sophia goes completely buttonless in a fully tailored ensemble. “It gives a very chic and sharp look — exactly what I wanted with this outfit.”
Friday’s for the Unexpected Sophia takes the new Effortless Skirt to work, with loose plans for later. “If you want a more casual look to it, I would do it with a t-shirt.”
“Effortless means that it doesn't own you, you own it.”
SP 24 Effortless Pants Section Break 2
Saturday’s for the Big Reveal Sophia plays with proportions in the knee-grazing version of The Effortless Short. “I like to keep it simple. I think it gives more, doing less.”
Sunday’s for Sleek Satin Sophia ends a stylish week in impeccably tailored satin. “Monochrome — you can never go wrong with that.”