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Mini Skirts

Mini skirts became super popular in the 60s — in fact, that’s when the term mini skirt was coined. Now, you can get a mini skirt in pretty much every colour and fabric. The denim mini skirt is a take on blue jeans, and usually has five pocket styling and a zipper fly. The leather mini skirt is a luxe version of the original vinyl mini skirts of the 60s. This is a beautiful option that will last for years if you take care of it. The plaid mini skirt really came to life in the 90s, with movies like Clueless and Empire Records. Try a plaid mini skirt with a plaid blazer for a look. The pleated mini skirt is less form fitting, and will flare out slightly due to the pleats. This is nice, flouncy option, and would look great paired with a form fitting shirt. With a mini skirt, the world is really your oyster when it comes to footwear — boots, sneakers, heels and sandals will all work!