WI23 Super Puff Styles Hero
The Super Puff™

Known for its pretty-much-infinite selection of styles, colours, technical features and fabrics, Super’s made a real name for itself. And it has the fanbase to prove it.

So, it was only fitting to debut our newest puffers on three icons who know a thing or two about making it big — and doing things their way. As expected, they chose to wear Supers that felt most personal to them. And looked really good.

“We write all these songs in our apartment or in our house and then sing these songs that are so personal for us. Re-singing them to you at a show feels incomparable.”
María Zardoya Lead Singer of The Marías

Before every performance, María takes a moment to centre herself. Her focus is on creating a sense of understanding, power and warmth for her audience.

Inspired by love, heartbreak and LA, María’s music is often described “like pouring cream into coffee” — luxurious and dreamy. Not unlike The SuperSnug Puff™, with its cushy feel and smooth hourglass silhouette.

“To come up with something original is so scary. Before you even start a project, you think about what other people are going to think. But if you don't just try, you won't know what the result will be.”
Gabbriette Bechtel Model and Chef

Californian it-girl Gabbriette is also a singer, actor, dancer and even knows her way behind the lens. “We're only here for one life, why would you not go out there and try a bunch of different things?” she says.

The multihyphenate fit right into The Super Alps Puff₂O™, the new 100% weatherproof puffer featuring sealed seams, bonded channels and a waist belt — a multihyphenate in its own right.

“I really connected with racing from a young age. It was super empowering to just be behind the wheel and in control, and I thought it was the coolest thing.”
Toni Breidinger Race Car Driver

A self-proclaimed “powerful manifester,” Toni became the first Arab American woman in NASCAR in 2021. It all started when she slipped into the driver’s seat of a go-kart at age nine.

When she’s not neck-to-ankle in a fire-resistant suit, Toni reaches for a vintage racing tee, something checkered and another piece that resists the elements — in this case, The Super Puff™ Shorty in water-repellent, wind-resistant cliMATTE™ fabric.

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