Super Goes with Emma
The Super Puff™

In which a bunch of new Super styles and colours go with Emma to four different spaces — a snowscape, an art gallery, NYC and some kind of void.

These spaces might only be projections. But this is the internet — what do you expect?

The Miniverse

We all encounter different versions of ourselves online. Sometimes, they come to life and introduce us to new Super Puffs.

Emma, meet yourself in The Super Mini Puff™, then meet yourself again in new Soft Glaze™ — a pearlized fabric from Italy that looks and feels just as good IRL as it does…wherever this is.

Out in the Blue

Winter Emma steps out of hibernation to debut our Super newest colour, Dune Blue.

It was a total coincidence that the Winter Sky chose to wear a similar shade. Still, all signs point to monochrome being cool this season.

Super as Art

On display — Emma in The SuperSinch Puff™ Mid, a new style featuring a hidden cinchable waist and an exaggerated collar for additional warmth and added oomph.

Note that you can look but not touch. Unless you visit a store. Or buy it.

Liquid Shine in the City

Emma explores the “real” New York with the help of The Super Puff Shorty™ in our Liquid Shine fabric, which is windproof and water-resistant — in case the weather becomes real, too.

Then again, maybe what’s real is personal.

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