Puffers You’re going to need a bigger coat. Our puffers are filled with 100% responsible or recycled down and certified by a team of Climate Lab experts. They’re a huge deal.
About the Styles Meet the loftiest styles we make. 100% guaranteed to increase your natural volume.
About the Fabrics We design our puffers with weatherproof fabrics to protect you from the elements and prevent you from complaining about the forecast.
Puffer Fabric A
Puffer Fabric B
Warmth Ratings All our puffers are warmth certified — with temperature guidelines included — to help you choose the right coat for your climate/personal thermostat.
What is Climate Lab? Essentially, it’s our design lab of outerwear experts. They research, test and refine our performance garments in order to bring the best possible experiences to life. How kind of them.
Puffer Climate Lab
Climate Lab-Certified Features
From Warmish to Extreme Warm
RDS Certified 700+ Fill-Power Goose Down
Weatherproof Performance Fabric
Fill Power Fill power is a measure of down loft. The higher the fill power, the more warmth it delivers per square inch. Our down is 700+ fill power, meaning it delivers superior warmth with less weight.
Puffer Fill Power A
Puffer Fill Power B
Looking Warm Wearing a coat-shaped pillow has never looked warmer or cooler.
Puffers PSP Styling A Product Name
Puffers PSP Styling B
Puffers PSP Styling C
Puffers PSP Styling D
Puffers PSP Styling E
Puffers PSP Styling F
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