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Cropped Puffers for Women

Sometimes you need a puffer but you also need to show your pants off a little. That’s where short puffer jackets and cropped puffer jackets come in big. You get all the cozy puff in your life, just with slightly less length, meaning you can be simultaneously leggy and bundled, which is quite a feat. Our collection of women’s short puffer jackets are not-quite-cropped, with more cozy per square inch. They’re filled with 100% responsibly sourced goose down and feature all the technical details you need to stay warm out there — removable hoods, cozy brushed pockets and soft-feel storm cuffs. Our puffers are engineered to keep extreme weather out, and you warm and insulated, even in temps that drop below freezing. We carry black cropped puffer jackets, plus, women’s short puffer jackets that come in bright pops of colour, glossy finishes and soft-shine nylons. If you’re looking for a new winter cutie to keep you warm, you need to go see our short puffer jacket collection right now. Yours is in there waiting.