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Women Women Women Women
of our total employees are women.
of our Retail Leadership team are women.
of our Senior Leadership team are women.
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Going back to basics, we designed a limited-edition collection rooted in our favourite equation — because it speaks volumes. And now it’s yours to interpret.
100% of proceeds from the Women to the Power of Women™ 2024 capsule collection will be donated to Aritzia Community™ partner organizations that support women and girls, including Minerva BC. Learn More
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For nearly 10 years, we’ve been proud supporters of Minerva BC — the Vancouver-based charity with programs dedicated to mentoring and advancing the leadership of self-identified women and girls across the province. We look forward to many more years.
Learning to Lead™
Open to high-schoolers, this program holds interactive workshops and activities that inspire students to take on new challenges. As part of the program, Aritzia leaders across departments share their career advice and lived experiences.
Looking Back. And Ahead.
Over 1,500 young women have benefited from Learning to Lead™ and we expect over 350 to participate each year. We’re so excited to be the program’s lead supporter this year and next.
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In celebration of International Women’s Day, we spoke to three women who exemplify WomenWomen. They chatted about the importance of youth and women’s leadership, what qualities make a great leader and how they personally interpret our mantra.

They also shared some memorable pieces of advice. So, grab a pen or your Notes app.
CEO of Minerva BC
Tina Strehlke
Leading the Vancouver-based charity, Tina calls Minerva a magical place that specializes in high-impact programs. “It’s a community of people invested in supporting women,” she says.

With a focus on leadership development, Minerva helps young women redefine the idea of leadership, embrace their strengths and confidently step into their full potential — in a way that feels authentic to who they are.

“The beauty of youth leadership is an optimism, an openness to creative ideas and a different way of thinking,” Tina says. She proudly admits that program mentors learn a lot from their mentees, not just the other way around.

Speaking of learning — when asked what she’s looking forward to, Tina excitedly tells us she’s enrolled in a certificate program to shake up her own coaching and communication skills. Proof that leaders are ever evolving.

Her favourite woman-to-woman advice? Take credit for your work and don’t devalue what you're worth.
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Chief Impact Officer at Aritzia
Renée Tirado
Based in New York and leading our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) efforts, Renée explains ED&I as “everybody feeling secure about who they are and being able to show up in their truest identity”.

When asked why it’s important for Aritzia to champion women’s leadership, she says “it’s the core of who we are — how could we not?”

With 73% of our senior leaders identifying as women, she adds, “it’s our responsibility and privilege to walk the talk outside our own walls and into our communities.” That’s why it’s essential for us to partner with other women-led organizations, like Minerva.

For Renée, the beauty of WomenWomen lies in its flexibility and multiple meanings. “It’s a living, breathing example of the butterfly effect.”

A word of womanly advice she’ll never forget: “Before you're anything to everybody else, you're a woman to yourself first.”
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Minerva BC Alumni
Rhea Morrow
After someone she looked up to in high school attended the program, Rhea decided it was time to join Learning to Lead™. That was five years ago.

This year marks her third as a Co-Chair and member of Minerva’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) working to uplift young women in BC. She credits joining YAC as the moment she felt like a leader — “I became the girl I looked up to.”

Minerva’s youth leadership programs are the reason Rhea’s been able to build up her self-confidence and say yes to opportunities.

“It’s where I learned to be empathetic,” Rhea says, “I realized every person is unique with such a different story. That bit of global perspective at such a young age is so important.” Gaining perspective is one of the reasons she encourages others to join Minerva. Another is getting to make a diverse and supportive group of friends from across Canada.

For Rhea, WomenWomen means unity — standing in support and solidarity for all the women around you.

But one person immediately comes to mind when she thinks of women supporting women — her mom, “the one who puts her all into everything.”
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As the lead supporter of Learning to Lead™, we had the pleasure of hosting The Power of Confidence — an event dedicated to helping young women step into their own. After a tour of our Vancouver Support Office, participants attended a panel, lunched at A-OK and then joined us in the studio for a photoshoot. You should see their professional headshots.
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Above, Aritzia panelists share career advice and experiences. Below, Minerva participants take it all in.
Minerva Participants:
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