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Every Earth Day, we like to give you a little (re)lationship status update, highlighting the work we’re doing to make our (re)lationship with the planet healthier and stronger. This year, we’re also spotlighting Daughters for Earth.
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Meet Some (Re)lationship Experts
Established in 2022, Daughters for Earth (DFE) is a movement of women and girls rising up to fund women-led climate action. You might call them (re)lationship experts. DFE has three main goals:
  • 1. Fund women-led efforts to protect and restore Earth at a significant rate.
  • 2. Raise public awareness about the pivotal role women play in climate solutions.
  • 3. Provide women with educational materials to inspire personal and community-led change.
This Earth Day, Aritzia is excited to work with DFE to support women-led and women-operated regenerative agriculture projects through a financial donation. The supported projects will be announced by DFE in late fall 2023.
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Everyday Luxury, Made to Last
Our (re)lationship with the planet is a work in progress. Right now, what we’re most proud of is our dedication to making clothes that last — while using lower-impact materials sourced from suppliers we trust.
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Some of our most-loved styles have been around for years, and it’s not by accident. We design clothes for their enduring style, fit and functionality.
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The quality — and content — of our fabrics is a top priority. That’s why 64% of styles from our SS23 Collections are made with lower-impact materials such as organic cotton and linen, recycled materials and responsibly sourced wood fibres.
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We work with third-party monitoring firms to ensure our suppliers’ standards for product quality and workplace safety meet our high-high standards.
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More (Re)lationship Updates Open communication is important to us.
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We’re Making It Official We’ve submitted a Letter of Intent to the Science Based Target Initiative, confirming our commitment to set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets within the next 24 months.
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(Re)lationships Require Care Our new Fabric Care Guide is designed to help you keep your everyday luxuries looking their best from day one to forever.
View the Care Guide
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We’ve Labelled Things Our most sustainable designs now live together in one online home — so they’re easier to find and shop.
Shop (Re)sponsibly
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(Re)lationship Report Card Read about all things sustainability — including info on partnerships, packaging, our supply chain and more — in our Community Report.
Learn More