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Long Sleeve Shirts for Women

Long sleeve shirts — ideal for transition seasons, layering and covering up from the sun. Long sleeve shirts are super versatile, and come in lots of different styles. If the occasion is more about making a statement than anything practical, try a sheer long sleeve top. The long sleeves contrast the sheerness, and you can pair your sheer long sleeve top with high waisted pants or high waisted shorts for a bit more coverage. There’s something cozy about long sleeve tee shirts. They channel a sporty vibe when paired with joggers or activewear leggings. For a casual look, try a long sleeve shirt in thermal fabric (sometimes known as a waffle tee). Thermal tees aren’t just for long johns anymore! Long sleeve blouses are great go-to work appropriate tops. They’re luxe and feminine, but aren’t flashy. Try them with a skirt, too. We’ve got so many long sleeve shirts to choose from, so get shopping now.