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Women's Sweater Dresses

Your go-to sweater but no pants required. Sweaterdresses are perhaps the easiest one-and-done, cold-weather outfit to ever exist: super cozy, super effortless, and you can wear them literally anywhere. They’re great for work, going out, staying in, you name it. Ours happen to be made from the finest Italian wool, luxe 100% cashmere and super soft alpaca yarns. Our sweaterdresses are also available in textured ribbed fabric, waffle knit and some are even a little fuzzy. Looking for a chic turtleneck sweaterdress? Well we have plenty of those too. Wear them with sneakers, boots or thigh-highs and feel free to add tights once those winter temps start getting serious. As far as colours, black sweaterdresses and grey sweaterdresses are our most popular but you can also take your pick from other neutral shades like camel, rich jewel tones, soft pastels or even bright pops of color like red. It's a dress, it's a sweater, it's your new favorite outfit till spring. Boom.