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Pleated Skirts

A pleated skirt — feminine, ballerina-esque and surprisingly comfortable. Pleats are small, repeating folds, think accordion style. Pleated skirts have allow for lots of movement because the folds unfold if you move. A pleated mini skirt is a cute way to get the mini look without it being too tight. A pleated midi skirt is long enough that it won’t restrict your movement but short enough that it won’t get in the way. A long pleated skirt really makes a statement. That much volume pairs well with any heeled footwear. On top, you’ve got options when styling your pleated skirt. A turtleneck or sweater goes well with a pleated mini skirt. With a pleated mini, you’ll want to keep your top slim fitting to balance out the volume. We love a body contouring top with a long pleated skirt, or a tank top for a vintage ballerina look. Boots, heels and ballet flats all pair well with pleated skirts.