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Tube Tops for Women

Whether you’re seeing this trend for the first time or the second time (80s kids I’m looking at you), the tube top can’t be ignored. Like we always say: let your collar bones live a little! The name basically says it all, but when we love about a tube top is it lets you play with the silhouette of your outfit. If you want to bring your waistline up, pair a crop tube top with high waisted wide leg pants. A little peek of skin is nice with a trench coat layered over top, too. A ribbed tube top is very 90s. It looks great with overalls if you want to go full R&B music video. A white tube top or a black tube top will probably be the most versatile if you want to incorporate a tube top into your closet for the first time. We’ve got lots of tube tops, crop tube tops and ribbed tube tops, and we suggest you get some, too!