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Women's Dress Pants & Trousers

Dress pants. They’re like a dress, but pants. Some people call them trousers, but we know they really mean dress pants. Dress pants are the yin to your yang, if your yang was jeans. They balance out your wardrobe, they add that ounce of class that — let’s be honest — we could all benefit from. Paired with a blazer, black dress pants are a total power move. Important meeting? Dress pants. Job interview? Dress pants. Funeral? Sad, but black dress pants. Dress pants were inspired by men’s trousers, so if they feel a little bulky, try slim fit dress pants. Slim fit dress pants elongate the leg, but they aren’t as tight as a skinny jean. They’re no nonsense and comfortable enough for your 9–5, but pair well with a ton of different tops. Try your dress pants with wool sweaters, machine washable cashmere, oversized sweaters, button ups, trench coats, wool coats and more.