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Women's Trench Coats

Trench coats: They’re kinda magic. Throw on a trench coat and instantly feel more polished, put together, even a little bit mysterious. Maybe you’re a spy. We won’t tell (wink). But we will tell you that we have alllll kinds of trench coats. We have short trench coats, long ones, belted trench coats, beltless trench coats,lightweight ones, khaki-coloured trench coats, beige trench coats, black trench coats, olive-coloured trench coats as well as trench coats in all kinds of colours and weights. Remember Audrey Hepburn wearing a trench coat with dark glasses and a white kerchief in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Iconic. Meghan Markle tossed a trench coat over a polo shirt and Planet Earth pretty much fainted over how great she looked. We love a long trench coat over a mini dress or a romper for that fun short-long thing. Or running errands looking just-so in slim jeans, booties and a trench coat. And we’ve really been loving a trench coat over a hoodie. Not much is certain in this world, but a trench coat always, always feels right.