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INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY As a women-led company, we think there’s no force more powerful than a bunch of women working together. That’s why Women to the Power of Women — WomenWomen — is something of a mantra for us. It symbolizes our collective power. It nods to our multiplied efforts. It keeps us going.
The WomenWomen 2023 Collection In anticipation of IWD, we collaborated with three lettering artists to create a limited-edition collection featuring different interpretations of our favourite equation. Wear it and feel the power. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Aritzia Community™ partners who support women and girls. Learn More
D’Ara Nazaryan Portrait 1
D’Ara Nazaryan D’Ara Nazaryan is a Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary creative who specializes in illustration. Her work centres on helping brands see and imagine new worlds that represent the changing tides of our culture. Crisp lines, warm tones and simple, empowering female figures are signature elements of her work. D’Ara’s interpretation of Women to the Power of Women leans into fluid forms to show there’s no one way to approach being a woman.
FOLLOW D’ARA NAZARYAN: @dara.nazaryan | daranazaryan.com D’Ara wears the Sculpt Knit Tube Top and Pleated Pant.
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Women To The Power Of Women T-Shirt
“We all bring our own story and definition of womanhood to the table.”
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Huyen Dinh Portrait 1
Huyen Dinh Huyen Dinh is a Viet Los Angeles-based lettering artist, illustrator and pink specialist. She’s known for her playful pastel lettering and trademark sass. She hopes to help women artists, predominantly Asian ones, feel seen in their creative journeys. Huyen’s interpretation of Women to the Power of Women uses wobbly yet bold lettering to convey the strength and flexibility of women.
FOLLOW HUYEN DINH: @misshuyendinh | huyendinh.com Huyen wears the Cayenne Halter Dress.
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Women To The Power Of Women Sweatshirt
“Throughout the creative journey, I’ve realized I don’t need to please everyone, and that it’s ok to be super girly.”
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Carmi Grau Portrait 1
Carmi Grau Carmi Grau is a Berlin-based artist whose small-town upbringing helped her cultivate a deep bond with nature. Whether creating bold, colourful illustrations or minimalist forms, she aims to make women feel seen through her work. Carmi’s interpretation of Women to the Power of Women connects femininity to nature through plant imagery. The lettering is nurturing yet bold, as strong women are.
FOLLOW CAMI GRAU: @carmigrau | carmigrau.tumblr.com Carmi wears the Academy Silk Blouse and Publish Pant.
Carmi Grau Product
Women To The Power Of Women Hoodie
“I want to encourage women to be bold and ambitious in any way they see fit.”
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