Real change starts from within.

It’s always been our goal to cultivate and celebrate diversity at all levels of our organization, in our stores and in our community. We’ve not been perfect and we haven’t done enough. We realize there’s much more we can and must do to help dismantle systemic racism and inequality in all forms.

To start, we’re investing $1 million to expand and strengthen our Diversity and Inclusion Program here at Aritzia.

We're actively creating a new normal and we’re holding ourselves accountable to it.

This is how we begin.

Black Lives Matter PRIDE 2020


Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand for change.

In support of Jacob Blake and racial equality, we closed all of our US boutiques on Friday, August 28.

We support our people in joining the demand for justice.

At Aritzia, we’re committed to creating positive change and ensuring that we’re part of the solution.

We’re also thoroughly exploring how we can better advocate change and further support the BIPOC community — from providing scholarships and internships, to casting and creative collaboration with designers and influencers.

1. We’re listening to the voices that matter most right now.

By assembling an advisory group of BIPOC voices across all levels, workplaces and geographies to provide first-hand perspective and advice, we’ll gain a deeper understanding and drive change for the better of our people, our clients and our communities.

2. We’re evaluating BIPOC representation across all levels and places of our business.

We’re evaluating every aspect of our business to ensure that we have inclusivity and diversity across all of our communities — from entry-level positions to executive. Aritzia should always be a place where all people, no matter their colour, creed, race, age or sexual orientation can enjoy successful careers.

3. We’re implementing mandatory training and education on systemic racism, racial inequality and social injustice.

Courses will be required for all current and future members of our team. The education will cover conscious and unconscious bias, micro-inequities, stereotypes, inclusive language, privilege, effective ally-ship and more. Ensuring all of our people are aware, and behaving with empathy and sensitivity is critical.

PRIDE 2020

Celebrating our LGBTQIA2S+ community.

We made a promise to champion equity, diversity and inclusion — as part of this commitment we’re strengthening our ally-ship to the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

In honour of Pride, we're launching an ongoing partnership with Stonewall Community Foundation to help us make Aritzia more inclusive for everyone.

As a queer Black-led organization, Stonewall Community Foundation works at the intersection of LGBTQIA2S+ liberation and racial equity, and a commitment to ending racism and anti-blackness is at the very core of their mission.

1. We’re using our platform and reach to amplify LGBTQIA2S+ voices.

From June 26 – June 28, we’re handing over our store screens and on June 27, we're handing over our Instagram to Stonewall Community Foundation to amplify LGBTQIA2S+ voices and increase awareness.

2. We’re creating safe spaces in the workplace.

We’ll be working with Stonewall Community Foundation to ensure all of our workplaces — our stores, Distribution Centres and Support Offices — are spaces where everyone feels safe and included.

To the Black and LGBTQIA2S+ community, we stand with you and support you.