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Mock Neck Sweaters for Women

All covered up, introverted in a cool way, mock neck sweaters hide your neck and decollatage from the world — but sometimes what’s kept hidden shows off the most. Women’s mock neck sweaters are the nuanced knit armour that keep cold out. They’re classic and cozy and just a little bit mysterious. They’re scholarly and ever so slightly dadcore, and we trust our mocknecks because they’re timeless and decisive. Our black mock neck sweaters bring steady, cool energy to your closet. Think Beatnik sensibility cut with Steve Jobs-esque innovation. Kinda unisex, kinda sexy. Our oversized mock neck sweaters marry practicality and comfort — they make chilly mornings aspirational and lounging slightly fancy. Curl up with a book and a mock neck and channel your inner creative intelligentsia. Secure, assured and all covered up, like Marilyn in that Life Magazine photoshoot circa 1953 where she was wearing a black mock neck and white capri pants. Practical-ish but still smoking hot. Just your speed. Shop mock necks.