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Midi Skirts

Above the ankle and below the knee — that’s where your midi skirt should hit. Consider the midi skirt to be the more modest cousin of the mini skirt, although it didn’t start out that way. The midi skirt was downright scandalous in the 1920s, in that post-war Coco Chanel era. The skirt persisted through the decades, although dark colours and practical fabrics reigned supreme during the depression and war time. Today, the midi skirt is just a fun way to switch things up (and make sure you’re not Britney-ing anyone while getting out of a stretch). A pleated midi skirt looks like an old timey ballet skirt in a good way. A floral midi skirt is the perfect summertime accessory (that and an iced coffee). An a-line midi skirt is going to flare out at the bottom, which adds nice movement to a look. A midi skirt is going to add volume to your lower half, so it’s best to stick with a slim but relaxed top. A midi skirt paired with a crewneck sweater and boots is a great look.