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Women's Slim & Skinny Pants

Is there anything better than well-tailored skinny pants? There’s something about feeling hugged in all the right places by your pants that’s totally confidence boosting. Slim pants are incredibly versatile. They’re the little black dress of the pants world. Skinny pants work with the classics like sweaters, t-shirts and tanks, but they are also a blank canvas for layering. Try skinny pants with a kimono jacket, a Western button-up or floral print (or all three). Plus, skinny pants look good with any shoe, and show off your footwear choice. Boots, heels, sandals and sneakers will all work with slim-fitting pants. If you’re on your way somewhere more formal, loafers or a dress shoe will elevate skinny dress pants. It would be challenging to get through life without this wardrobe staple to rely on. Get a pair of trusty slim fit pants to make getting dressed for the day even better.