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Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are having a moment and we are here for it. Whether you’re seeing this trend for the first, second or third time (any latent hippies out there?) you know that it’s a super flattering look. Flare jeans tend to balance out the hips, plus they really flip the skinny jeans silhouette on its head. Black flared jeans are chic and can be dressed up with a blazer quite easily. Blue flared jeans have more of a Summer of Love thing going for them. You might called them bell bottom jeans or festival jeans. High rise flared jeans are the original style, but mid rise flared jeans are a welcome addition. You have options depending on your body or what you want to wear with your flare jeans. Flared jeans look good with all the usual tops: blouses, wool sweaters, sweatshirts, tank tops, t shirts, trench coats, army jackets, parkas, hoodies and more. Boots, heels, sandals and sneakers all look great with flared jeans. Don’t be confused by the name, lots of people call these bootcut jeans, too.