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Robe Jackets

What’s better than a jacket that feels like a housecoat? Nothing. Robe coats are a timeless tradition, and come in a surprising number of styles. The duster coat and duster jacket are the longest of robe-style coats. You can remember that because the name duster coat comes from the coat almost dusting the floor. The kimono jacket is a nice drapey version that’s great for layering through the seasons. A kimono jacket can be short or long, but usually has an open front and loose sleeves, like a robe. These are a nice option when you’re sick of wearing a cardigan. Lighweight jacket womens are essential to have for transition seasons, and just to have the option to cover up sometimes! Kimono jackets or duster coats are a great contrast when paired with shorts or mini dresses. We’ve got tons of duster coats, duster jackets, and kimono jackets to choose from, so get shopping!dancing and cocktailing.