Atmosphere Leggings



4 unique fabrics — from buttery soft to high stretch and supportive.
Choose one, or choose ‘em all.


Whether you’re looking for Super Hi, Hi, Mid or Lo — we’ve got you covered.

The best leggings are designed to seamlessly transition between active moments and *restful* moments — our leggings for women are ready to hit the mat, walk around the block or remain seated on the couch in whatever position you’re into these days. A few ideas to get you in the leggings mood: start your day by doing either a sun-salutation in a pair of high-waisted leggings, a standing warrior in a pair of mid-rise leggings or a single perfect burpee in a pair of supportive workout leggings. Then when that’s over, slip into a pair of black leggings and the hoodie you’re living in and do some errands or walk your dog or kick back and call your mom. Note that a leggings outfit day doesn’t have to be a loung-y or super casual day. Leggings and a tee under a luxe wool coat can and should be done. Leggings and a cropped knit top will get you through that family holiday like a champ. And let it be known that leggings, hiking boots and a leather jacket qualifies as a well-executed coffee date look. Our legging options are versatile and we know you’ll wear them a bunch, so we made them in high-quality performance materials that are built to last. Shop by fabric, rise and length. Find your perfect pair.