Yasmin Guerts

Model + Artist + Writer
Brooklyn, USA

Yasmin is a model and influencer who advocates for equal opportunity, responsible consumption and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Yasmin was discovered on Instagram in 2017 and has quickly become one of the most recognizable models in New York.

“I’ve tried on so many hats to see which ‘artist’ slipper fits.”

You know, I’ve tried on so many hats to see which “artist” slipper fits. It’s exhausting to think of them all. I think just working with what I have in front of me is my best tool. Like whatever is placed there I can find something to create.

“The destination is unknown for me and I’m cool with it.”

All I want is to keep working on the abundance in my personal life. Individualism is dead and I’m prioritizing community and finding a grounding presence in that.

“Lately I want to feel allowed to be soft and tender.” Praising toughness in people who grow up hard feels like congratulating the trauma of having less access. I do appreciate the duality, it’s beautiful; like, appreciating life’s obstacles, but also being able to take off the armor and allow yourself to be vulnerable. I’ve realized that my protective shell was useful once, but now it’s not serving me anymore.
“There’s a lot of power in letting go.”

“It’s 2020 and the world is overdue for reinventing itself.”

Fashion has the power to be a leader. Artists have been working hard to inspire for a long time and I think it’s important everyone behind the scenes takes notice and ask themselves what they want our world to look like in the next decade.

“I use fashion to express my feelings most of the time, it’s a comfort.”

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