Our Supply Chain


Aritzia’s Vancouver, BC Distribution Centre


Our Operational Environmental Impact Priorities

  • Addressing Climate Change
  • Maintaining Carbon Neutrality Across Our Operations
  • Implementing a Zero Waste Philosophy
  • Adopting More Sustainable Packaging


We’ve been measuring our contribution to climate change and working to reduce our impact through initiatives across our operations, product and supply chain.

In 2020 and 2021, Aritzia disclosed details of its climate strategy through CDP Climate Change. Our public responses can be viewed here.


Aritzia is carbon neutral across our Support Offices, boutiques, Distribution Centres and fleet vehicles. We do this for the electricity consumed, fuel and natural gas emitted by our managed operations.

What does carbon neutral mean?

Carbon neutral includes:

  • Reducing energy use
  • Sourcing renewable electricity
  • Offsetting remaining emissions

Our approach ensures that the carbon we emit each year through owned or controlled sources and through our purchased electricity is 100% equal to the carbon we prevent or sequester each year.

Carbon Neutral

Reducing Energy Use

Since 2015, we’ve been switching to LED across our boutiques in Canada and the US. Today, energy-efficient LEDs make up 95% of lighting across our boutiques. Additionally, we’ve implemented a corporate store-door policy that outlines threshold temperatures for which boutique doors to the street must be closed to conserve energy.

Across all our offices, rather than building new, we’ve refurbished existing buildings and the interiors are designed to maximize natural light which results in decreasing our energy needs.

To encourage sustainable commuting, Aritzia provides Support Office employees with perks such as discounts for bike shares, a secure bike-storage room and subsidies for public-transit passes and car-sharing services.

Sourcing Renewable Electricity

For every unit of electricity used, we purchase the equivalent in Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). RECs go toward supporting sustainable infrastructure and technology to produce renewable electricity. To compensate for the carbon emitted through our use of electricity in Canada and the US, we’re purchasing RECs to support wind energy projects in Canada and the USA, resulting in 100% of our operations being powered by renewable electricity.

Offsetting Remaining Emissions

Carbon offsets are issued by projects that work to actively lower the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere — every carbon offset equals one tonne of carbon dioxide (tCO2e).To offset the carbon emitted through the use of natural gas in our operations and fleet vehicles, we’ve invested in a certified carbon offset project — the award-winning Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project that works to conserve a significant region close to our founding office in BC, Canada. Managed by The Nature Conservancy of Canada, this project creates climate, community and biodiversity benefits through conservation activities.


Since 2020, we’ve been developing and piloting a Zero Waste Philosophy across our boutiques, Support Offices and Distribution Centres. At Aritzia, Zero Waste is both a philosophy and a goal. We want to reduce and divert waste from landfills by eliminating waste at the source through better systems for sorting and recycling. Our company goal is to divert at least 90% of all our waste from landfills and eventually reach zero waste across all our operations.

We’re currently rolling out our Zero Waste Philosophy programming across 100% of boutiques, enabling us to meet our waste diversion target by the end of 2022.


Binners’ Project

Binners’ Project is an award-winning program dedicated to fostering social and economic inclusion, building community resilience, and engaging on sustainability issues. As a component of our Zero Waste efforts, since August 2020 we’ve proudly partnered with Binners’ Project at the Aritzia Support Office in Vancouver, diverting the majority of our waste and recyclables away from landfills.

Learn more at binnersproject.org



  • 100% of our retail and eCommerce packaging contains either Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified or recycled content.
  • Our on-product packaging for our exclusive brands — Babaton, Wilfred, Wilfred Free, Denim Forum, Auxiliary, Super World™ — and all price tickets contain recycled or FSC content.
  • 100% of our wooden hangers are FSC certified.


  • We’ve been working to eliminate all unnecessary virgin plastics from our non-reusable retail and eCommerce packaging since 2017, starting with replacing cellophane plastic bags with protective paper bags in our eCommerce packaging.
  • Our retail bag handle contains 30% recycled content for all future orders. This continued effort will allow us to meet our target of eliminating 100% of virgin synthetic materials from our retail and eCommerce packaging.
  • Individual plastic polybags are a common way to transport goods from finished goods facilities to distribution centres and stores. We’ve found that polybags are not always necessary and work to reduce and eliminate them wherever possible. As a result, we’re able to reduce plastic weight per shipping carton by 84% for the products selected for this initiative. In 2019 and 2020, we eliminated 2,900 kg and 4,600 kg, respectively.