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Women's Bags

At their core, bags were made to carry your stuff. But that’s boring, and we think bags should be fun. That being said, the fanny pack comeback was more than welcome! Hello hands-free shopping. With a long strap to drape over or across your shoulder, crossbody bags are another great hands-free option. A tote bag is ideal for carting around your laptop or doing errands on the weekend if you want to go plastic-free. If you want to keep things classic with a backpack, try a nylon backpack. A leather backpack is an elevated option for your work commute, and can double as a modern take on the briefcase. You can’t get through life without a bag, unless you really like losing your keys, so you might as well get a few. We’ve got lots of bags to choose from, so start shopping. And if you’re looking for a gift, bags make a great one!