Compare sweatfleece styles, colours, fabrics and fits right here.

    The Styles

    Sweatshirts High-level comfort. Hoodies, crewnecks, zip-ups and cropped styles because options. Shop Sweatshirts
    Sweatpants Legs love Sweatfleece. Make yourself comfortable in jogger and wide-leg styles. Shop Sweatpants
    Sweatshorts Cozy and cool. New sweatshorts in a variety of lengths. Choose from 2”, 3”, 5” and 6” inseams. Shop Sweatshorts

    The Colours

    Garment Dye (Gd)

    Instead of dying the fabric, we dye the finished garment for a dimensional, washed-down look and soft feel. Results vary from one piece to the next, so yours is truly one-of-a-kind. Garment Dye Please note, our unique process means “sets” of the same GD colour may not be an exact match. We recommend selecting pieces within the same fabric family to minimize any difference in shades. Shop all Colours

    Tie Dye

    Not your DIY tie dye. We have a special garment-dye process to achieve colourful, three-tone effects. Our unique tie-dye patterns are created in house, and no two are the same. Tie Dye Results vary from one piece to the next, so each item is truly one-of-a-kind. Shop all Colours


    The essentials. Neutral hues and this season’s most swoon-worthy colours in rich, even tones. Solid Colours Shop all Colours


    You’re sporty. Our athletic-inspired heathers have a dimensional, multitoned look. Heather Colours Shop all Colours

    The Fabrics

    Airy Fleece
    Airy Fleece Layer-friendly, drapey French terry. Our je-ne-sais-quoi lightweight. Weight Light — 280 gsm In Your Words “So lightweight and comfortable!”

    “A perfect lightweight fabric for summer months.”
    Shop Airy Fleece
    Airy Fleece
    Cozy Fleece
    Cozy Fleece Premium, midweight fleece with a soft-brushed back, sueded face and cloud-nine cozy feel. Weight Mid — 330 gsm In Your Words “So incredibly soft and comfy. It’s like wearing a hug.”

    “The quality is amazing.”
    Shop Cozy Fleece
    Cozy Fleece
    Extra Fleece
    Extra Fleece Structured, heavyweight organic cotton with a soft-brushed back for added warmth. Your go big or go home fleece. Weight Heavy — 470 gsm In Your Words “So cozy but it doesn’t make you too hot.”

    “I love the weight of this fabric.”
    Shop Extra Fleece
    Extra Fleece

    The Fits

    Perfect Fit
    Perfect Fit Not too big, not too small, it’s just right. Fit Class Classic In Your Words “They truly are cozy and perfect. Classic, slim-fitting sweatpants that are flattering.”

    “The best fitting and most flattering joggers I’ve ever owned.”
    Shop Perfect Fit
    Boyfriend Fit
    Boyfriend Fit Relaxed and roomy, like the ones you’ve borrowed. Fit Class Relaxed In Your Words “The bottom part isn’t tight so it looks cute on curvier people.”

    “Roomy torso; sleeves aren’t too long.”
    Shop Boyfriend Fit
    Mega Fit
    Mega Fit Oversized with room to move. Fit Class Oversized In Your Words “Love it. Looks cute with leggings or even tucked into some sweatpants. Can’t go wrong.”

    “I ordered a size 1 and it is the perfect oversized fit.”
    Shop Mega Fit
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