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  2. The Super Puff™

    So functional you'll almost forget how good you look. Check specific styles for more details.
    WARMER, WARMEST, EXTREME WARM: Engineered to deliver toasty from -20°C /-4°F down to -40°C/-40°F.
    WARMER, WARMEST, EXTREME WARM: The Super Fam jackets are engineered to deliver toasty to temps ranging from -20°C/-4°F down to -40°C/-40°F.
    WHAT WINTER? Weather-repellent fabrics mean rain, snow, coffee spills: not a problem.
    WHAT WINTER? Made in a wide variety of weather-repellent fabrics. Rain, snow, wind — not a problem.
    RDS CERTIFIED: All of our goose down is 100% responsibly sourced. And super duper soft.
    RDS CERTIFIED: All of our goose down is 100% responsibly sourced.

    So many Supers, so many ways to wear it. As seen on Bella, Kendall and tons more below.