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Women's Socks & Tights

The right socks are the finishing touch on your outfit. Whether you’ve got patterned socks, ankle socks or no show socks, you’re wearing them with intention. We’ve got cozy boot socks (bet you’re glad to know those exist), sporty adidas socks or low-profile socks for your favourite ballet flat or sneakers. A super soft feel with a compression band means our socks are comfy and they won't budge. If you’re looking for a tight instead of a sock, try one of ours. We’ve got semi sheer and opaque tights that are just right for layering — it’s a good idea to have a pair of each on hand. Tights look great with a skirt or a dress. We especially like sweater tights because they’re made with a soft and warm merino wool blend. Whether you need black no show socks, white no show socks or opaque black tights, we’ve got you covered. Start shopping our socks and tights now!