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Women's Triangle Scarves

Triangle scarves have a great indoor/outdoor appeal. Pair your triangle scarf with a wool coat for a chilly walk, or wear it draped over your shoulders when the restaurant/coffee shop/office is inevitably much cooler than you’d like. Our Diamond Mosaic triangle scarf is made from pure Australian wool, in an iconic repeating diamond pattern that’s exclusive to Wilfred. We also have the Classic Wool Scarf from Wilfred in a three-sided version. This triangle scarf is made from soft 100% wool with fringed edges to add just the right amount of texture. Triangle scarves are a great way to add a little something to any outfit. A plaid scarf, no matter the shape, also pairs well with a wool coat. There’s something perfectly festive about a plaid scarf — we love them paired with the Stedman Coat from Wilfred. If you’re looking for gifts under $100, triangle scarves are definitely a great option. We’ve got lots, so get shopping today!