Year of the Rabbit — We’re celebrating Lunar New Year with a limited-edition collection featuring illustrations by artists Vanilla Chi, Zila Li, Xiao Mei and Shuhua Xiong.
Vanilla Chi Headshot
Vanilla Chi Vanilla is a Chinese illustrator and designer based in New York City. Her work is geometric and maximalist, influenced by a desire for beautiful things. Tragedy and nostalgia are ever-present themes in her work.
“I hope that people who are away from home can draw blessings and strength from my work. No matter where we are, the New Year is a chance to say goodbye to the old and get a fresh start.” @vanilla_hchi |
Zila Li Headshot
Zila Li Zila — known as Eirlysie online — is a Chinese-Canadian illustrator based in Calgary. She uses vivid colours and surreal lighting to create supernatural depictions of fashion and the body.
"Every Lunar New Year since moving to Canada, we call our family back in China. My parents worked very hard to adapt to this new environment. It’s moving to see them talk freely in their native tongue, laughing through a video call with my grandparents, my uncles and aunts and all my cousins.” @eirlysie |
Xiao Mei Headshot
Xiao Mei Xiao is an illustrator from a small Cantonese city in China, now based in New York City. She’s influenced by retro Chinese and Japanese poster art and uses western and eastern elements to convey her personal identity through art.
“My favourite Lunar New Year memory is seeing my mom arranging cut flowers. In Cantonese culture, people usually go flower shopping a few days before Lunar New Year. It’s the only time my family decorates the house with fresh flowers. Seeing cut flowers at home reminds me of sweet moments with the family.” @xiaome1 |
Shuhua Xiong Headshot
Shuhua Xiong Shuhua is an airbrush artist from Shanghai, now based in New York City. She uses the sharp and soft aspects of airbrush to convey thoughts and emotions, alternating between composed methods and fluid, unconscious freestyle.
“Lunar New Year, for me, is all about eating with family and friends — knocking on every family member's door to bring them gifts and food.” @shuhua.xiong |