GreenGreen It’s no coincidence that luck and lime and lots of mint make a mojito.
PinkPink Not your baby pink. Rosy like the inside of a grapefruit, like a Starburst wrapper that’s been through the wash. Like your cheeks.
BlueBlue The kind of blue that feels like a breath of fresh air. Like a cool glass of water. Like a rain drop from a sunny sky.
GreyGrey You’re sporty and it shows. Layup or laydown, flip a grey day on its head.
PurplePurple Charged like amethyst and brilliant like the jacaranda tree. Have you ever sliced a sweet potato and admired its inner beauty?
BrownBrown Mix yellow, red and blue to match your morning mocha, afternoon affogato.
YellowYellow Soft, not mellow. Creamy like cake batter, dreamy like wishing upon a dandelion.
OrangeOrange Dream in tangerine and creamsicle. Dream of the Golden Gate bridge. Of wearing a marigold in your hair.
RedRed Can one wear red without feeling romantic? A rose by any other name is Sweatfleece.
BeigeBeige Like your balayage or the pillow from the expensive store where they also sell long necklaces. Beige for everyday.
WhiteWhite Like a cloud with no thunder in it, like whipped cream or spilt milk on a Corian countertop.
BlackBlack Every colour, all at once. Like the sea that goes down and down and down; it’s deep.