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Cardigan & Robe Sweaters

Not quite a cardigan, not quite a robe, the robe sweater is in a category of its own. Whether you’re in a long cardigan, a duster cardigan, a knit cardigan or an open front cardigan, you’re wearing a robe sweater. A long cardigan is great for chilly spaces — the office, I’m looking at you. An open front cardigan keeps you cozy but still lets you show off the rest of your outfit. A duster cardigan kicks the average long cardigan up a notch by nearly dusting the floor, hence the name. Knit cardigans are essential if you want to stay warm this winter. Knit cardigans come in wool, cashmere, mohair, alpaca as well as vegan-friendly fabrics. Cardigans are a classic sweater, but these robe sweaters definitely don’t fall in the grandpa sweater category. Try a ribbed cardigan or a cable knit cardigan to add texture to your look. We’ve got so many cardigans to choose from, so start shopping!