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Oversized Puffer Jackets for Women

If feeling toasty and bundled are what you’re into, you need to take one of our oversized puffers out for a spin. The biggest and puffiest out there, our puffers are extra oversized in the volume department, designed with a roomy fit and major statement-making proportions that will help you take up space when you walk down the street. Filled with responsibly sourced goose down or vegan fill (we’re good at both), our oversized puffer coats come in colour options for days, from glossy to shiny to notice-me neons. With all the technical details you need to stay cozy — soft-brushed cuffs, removable hoods and innovative weatherproof performance fabrics. If you want to make winter NBD, an oversized puffer jacket is what you need to reach for — one with lightweight, lofty fill for pillow-y soft quilting with plenty of shape. So iconic and oh-so-padded, our oversized puffers like to hang out with chunky shoes and wide-leg pants. Also big blanket scarves. Big shades too. Basically whatever you’re wearing, just go big. Even bigger. Can’t get enough puff. Oversized puffers, right this way.