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Women's Blazers

Accepting a dream job, a juicy promotion, or an outrageous raise? You’ll probably be wearing a blazer. In Clueless, Cher’s computerized closet could choose ANYTHING for her to wear — and it chose a yellow-plaid blazer. And remember the end of Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts was leaving L.A.to change her life? That’s right, she had on a navy blazer. Blazers are the MVP of success dressing. We make blazers in Italian 100% virgin wool, and blazers out of Japanese crepe fabric that have a gorgeous, effortless drape. We make cropped blazers if you like ‘em short and long blazers for a little more coverage. A lightweight and feminine blazer with no buttons, you got it. We have ‘90s-inspired blazers, double-breasted blazers, printed blazers, and blazers in sleek neutral colours (like navy, black, grey and cream) as well as crisp whites and brights like blue and red. We love blazers with mini dresses and ankle booties, paired with a romantic chiffon skirt and layered ‘70s style with any combo of turtleneck, vest and oxford shirt. You just can’t have too many blazers. So grab yourself a bunch and go get ‘em, Tiger.