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Oversized Wool Coats for Women

Say hi to our collection of women’s oversized wool coats. We make ours with merino wool, a soft fibre that’s structured, textured and naturally insulating, in a range of warmth-ratings, because we know you want to wear one all year round. We have long oversized wool coats that are so soft and light that they can stay on indoors. We have oversized wool coats that are heavy and cozy, made with vegan suede lining and double-faced wool — so they’re just as plush on the inside as they are on the outside. Our long oversized wool coats are perfect for friendsgivings and winter-y brunches and evening things with invites. Merino wool coats are how cool girls cover formal wear. And should you choose, they also make athleisure kind of fancy. Throw one over your sweatsuit set and get out there. Long wool coats are business-casual but they’re also ready to party. They’ll hail you a cab in the dead of winter. They’ll make regular evenings feel kinda special. From head to toe, oversized wool coats keep you covered and cool. Elevated and warm. Have a browse through our collection and see what speaks to you.