About Us - History

Our History

Everyday Luxury had to begin somewhere.
Once upon a time, the Hill family started a special something called “Aritzia” inside their 70-year-old department store in Vancouver, Canada.

Then, in 1984, Brian Hill opened the very first standalone Aritzia boutique in Oakridge Centre — an upscale shopping mall in his hometown.

The idea was simple:
offer beautiful clothes in aspirational spaces with exceptional service.

1984 The very first Aritzia boutique opens in Oakridge Centre, a shopping mall in Vancouver, CA.
1994 We launch our first-ever exclusive brand, Talula Babaton — now known as just Babaton — with the intent of building a foundational wardrobe, one piece at a time.
1999 Opening our doors to more and more clients, we go national with Aritzia boutiques across Canada.
2004 We launch a new exclusive brand, Tna, to deliver premium comfort to the innately cool.
2006 USA, meet Everyday Luxury — we open our first boutique (of many, many, many) in the United States.
2007 Another exclusive brand, Wilfred, joins our lineup to reclaim the romance of everyday.
2012 We arrive in the Big Apple, opening our Soho, New York, flagship boutique featuring an immersive two levels of Everyday Luxury.
2014 We launch yet another exclusive brand, Sunday Best, to create playful silhouettes for the ever-changing individual.
2016 Aritzia for all — we go public, ATZ hits the TSX, and the growth continues, want a piece?
2017 Things get Super as we launch our now-cult-status puffer jacket — The Super Puff™, then build a whole brand around it.
2018 We open A-OK Cafe — an in-house coffee shop with an exclusive, curated menu. Because what’s better than shopping with a side of caffeine and croissants?
2018 With a commitment to doing denim differently, we launch Denim Forum — making jeans that are better for the environment and better on you.
2021 Dipping our toes into the deep end of Men’s clothing, we acquire premium athletic wear brand, Reigning Champ.
2022 Jennifer Wong is named CEO. As a women-led company, we know there’s no force more powerful than women working together to achieve a common goal.
2023 We open a 562,000 square foot Distribution Centre in Vaughan, Ontario, so we can really make ship happen.
A few decades later, that original idea from 1984 hasn’t changed, we just have a name for it now — we call it Everyday Luxury.

With over 100 stores across North America and a global eCommerce platform, Aritzia continues to deliver Everyday Luxury to communities near and far.

We'd say the rest is history.
But we're just getting started.